Biblically Illiterate

Biblical Proof

Biblically Illiterate

We live in a world where if one is illiterate they will have trouble being a law abiding citizen. After all, if they don’t know what they law says, they are more apt to break it. Even so, there are many biblically illiterate in the Word of God. What is sad is that many of these are members of the body of Christ. Many revere the Bible but few read it, and because they don’t read  it, they have become biblically illiterate.

Just test yourself out with these basic biblical truths. Can you name the four gospels? Can you name at least one half of the apostles of Jesus? Can you define the gospel of Christ? Can you name Noah’s wife or Lot’s wife? Do you know the names of the two who inhabited the Garden of Eden? Who lead Israel out of Egypt? What two cities did God destroyed…

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